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Outwell builds on its proud Scandinavian heritage to stamp their products with the hallmark of Outwell premium performance through the technical excellence and style flair brought to functional innovation. They take inspiration in their Danish landscape to transform concepts developed through experience into stunning collections of outstanding tents and equipment that extend its unrivalled reputation for providing everything you need for a superlative outdoor life in comfort, safety and style. Market-leading in-house and in-the-field testing backed by rigorous quality control ensure Outwell products not only perform but exceed expectations. Its dedication, drive and first-in-the-field features have been recognised by the media and through numerous European awards. And, they enjoy an ever-growing number of dedicated and discerning Outwell campers who provide valuable feedback and support the vibrant on-line communities.

OUTWELL - YOUR COUNTRY HOME FROM HOME - Tent design is a complex process and it is understandable that many brands comprise tents purchased off-the-shelf rather than those created through major investment. It takes a lot to build a team of skilled designers backed by the best purchasing professionals who explore and develop the right fabrics, coatings, materials and components to bring a performance model to the market. Research alone is a huge and complicated operation to help generate ideas and prove final products. However, Outwell believes it is worth the effort and expense to take an idea to its conclusion that ends with happy families sharing unforgettable time outdoors close to nature. And they want you to enjoy those moments in comfort, safety and style so quality assurance is critical to meet the high expectations of discerning campers. This has led to numerous firsts, like the Outwell Wind Stabilizer and Easy Pegging Systems that aid stability and pitching. And the addition of One-go Inflation technology, along with other Outwell air systems to complement traditional pole designs. All come under scrutiny before they go to market and the company’s in-house testing facilities include wind and rain rigs that allow them to test each model and provide an icon showing the wind speeds it has resisted under stringent and severe conditions. Outwell has also led the field in sleep comfort with the introduction of the Sleep Comfort Rating that shows the number of adults a tent can realistically house rather than those laid out by industry standards. This culminated in the development of the superlative and roomy Master Bedrooms. Outwell innovation can be seen everywhere you look on a campsite for many features are now considered industry standard. Keep an eye open for luminous guylines and trim, full sewn-in groundsheets, Rain safe porches, tinted windows, carpets… Others, like the Wind Stabilizer System, are patented so still unique to an Outwell tent. Each year, Outwell evolves its tent collections to provide the very latest benefits from Outwell innovation and new materials while addressing market trends, ensuring you enjoy the best accommodation to suit your needs. From camping in large family groups to couples enjoying a touring holiday, to quick weekends away and the outdoor shelter provided by a utility tent, each Outwell collection addresses specific needs and budgets by balancing complex and diverse factors like use, features, fabrics and components. This continues into Outwell caravan and motorhome awnings that provide a huge choice to add space, flexibility and freedom for those seeking versatile extensions to their units. These spacious, airy living rooms either erect using the brand’s time proven air systems, steel or Duratec poles and enjoy model-dependent features like large tinted windows, full standing-height and versatile wall and door opening options to help you make the most of life outdoors in home-from-home comfort.

OUTWELL – FOR THE BEST SLEEP EXPERIENCE - For many years, Outwell has worked hard to bring you the ultimate home-from-home camping experience. And its whole portfolio is designed and developed to ensure that you enjoy the best possible holiday. But one important aspect plays a huge role in how close we get to home luxuries – sleep comfort. You can have the best and most exclusive tent, furniture or barbecue, however if you do not get a good night’s sleep in comfort you will never relish outdoor life to the full. One product vital to attaining bedroom nirvana is the sleeping bag. There are many high-end sleeping bag manufacturers and the majority design their products for use in more remote parts of the great outdoors. These sleeping bags are made to be as warm, light and compact as possible. Outwell has a different approach to sleeping bag design. They recognize the criteria relating to the ultimate sleeping bag for family camping are very different to those used in a wilderness environment. And, the focus is on the development of that perfect sleeping bag for camping. While the main function of the sleeping bag is to keep you warm at night, most families only camp in the warmer months when overheating is more likely to be an issue than the risk of being cold. This means that the balance of sleeping bag ventilation with insulation is a priority. Campers all agree that the freedom to move in a sleeping bag makes all the difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Yet, how do you deliver this if you need a snug fit to keep you warm should night time temperatures fall? After much research, Outwell knows that most people love the versatility provided by a duvet. It allows them freedom of movement and the ability to cool limbs as they overheat yet they can still snuggle into the duvet if the temperature falls. This is something Outwell addresses when designing sleeping bags. Finally, Outwell source materials that enhance next-to-skin comfort yet retain the durability that guarantees your Outwell sleeping bag provides many a comfortable night. All adult models are independently tested to current standards and the temperature comfort levels are then shown to aid you find your perfect sleeping bag. Outwell sleeping bags are complemented by a huge range of Self-Inflating Mats (SIMs), flocks, air beds, camp beds and sleep systems. Its award-winning SIMs offer simple, fast, lightweight and reliable campsite comfort with inspired design options. The brand’s dedication to providing the best in sleep comfort includes obtaining R-value insulation ratings that are proven after extensive testing by top laboratories, plus the development of its unique and patented Outwell Air Flow Control (AFC) self-inflating valve design for faster inflation, deflation and for fine-tuning firmness. Outwell Flock air bed designs allow campers to sleep well clear of the ground and some extend height and provide an in-built electric pump for convenience. And the airbeds include model dependent features like next-to-skin soft surfaces, TPU coating and internal hand-tied strings linking top and bottom – an expensive process but it provides great stability. Outwell Sleep Systems offer outstanding camping comfort by supplying the whole bed in one neat package. No need for you to shop around for the most luxurious sleep on the campsite or for flexible extra sleep options at home. Some even feature Memory toppers…

OUTWELL – LUXURIOUS FURNITURE DEFINED - The huge Outwell Furniture Collection delivers Scandinavian form-follows-function chic designs and quality that guarantees long-term performance. From traditional metal-framed furniture to air technology – Outwell has seating and bed options for you. And this is complemented by great looking, sturdy tables, kitchen units and storage options. Materials are carefully chosen to suit design parameters and includes bamboo – one of the best performing products for outdoor use. With so much on offer Outwell divides its furniture into ranges to make choice easy – just ask yourself key questions, like room to store and transport, where you will use it, type of use – for dining or relaxing or both, comfort levels desired… Then cherry pick across the ranges to put together the best seating options, tables, storage units and kitchen set up for your needs. You’ll find a neat, comfortable tent will really improve the holiday mood.

OUTWELL − COOL IN THE KITCHEN - Innovation, smart colourways, design flair… everything you would expect has been applied by Outwell to create the ideal kitchen with everything you need to prepare, cook and serve up a delicious alfresco meal. Food and drink can be transported from home and shop to site and stored fresh using one of its large choice of Cool ‘n’ Go soft cool bags and rigid cool boxes that includes a selection of highly-efficient electric models, freezer and passive options – popular models that rarely sit on our shelves for long so check regularly for additions. All non-electric models undergo independent tests to provide an indication as to how long an 800ml Outwell ice pack will keep the contents chilled. Outwell has everything you need for kitchen and table, starting with the superb Collaps Collection that has grown from its ground-breaking ‘First in the Field’ launch several years ago to a wide range of ingenious silicone designs for discerning campers, caravanners and motorhomers who appreciate the space-saving designs, performance and chic style. Kettles, saucepans, pots, bowls, water containers, colanders, washing-up bowls, clothes baskets and more – you can now have it all even when storage is tight. We also offer a range of quality Outwell pots and pans, utensils for food preparation and more to go with your kitchen unit. And our selection of Outwell stoves, barbecues and griddles are second to none −with fuels sources including gas, charcoal and electric. Here, Outwell has given careful consideration of campers’ needs to create a range of compact models that offer a wide choice, meeting all outdoor cooking demands and family size. The easy to operate, efficient designs offer versatile cooking options to suit the most demanding camping cooks and deliver reliable sources of controllable heat without compromise. And, once the food is prepared it can be served up to the table using superb melamine dinner sets and cutlery. Coffee can be served up from Outwell coffee makers and drinks can be kept to temperature in various vacuum flasks and mugs. Want more? Then just take time to check out all the products we offer from this great brand…

OUTWELL − ELECTRICS, LIGHTS AND WARMTH - With mains power now a common feature on tent pitches, Outwell brings you a choice of safe, practical ways to deliver power to your tent and a range of tent and general-purpose pumps, electrical environmental temperature control and lanterns to add the extra dimensions of convenience and comfort on site that are now sought by family campers. The super lanterns offer a choice of power options that include battery, and versatile products that include versatile Collaps hanging lights, LED strips, lanterns incorporating power packs and entertainment system, and more. And Outwell has safe radiant heaters to warm up the tent and awning on those cold mornings or take away the evening chill. Outwell continues to develop and launch electric products that reflect modern camping expectations and to improve the tent environment so keep an eye open for new products.

OUTWELL – ALL ACCESSORIES YOU NEED - Outwell Accessories form a neat collection of items for ‘housekeeping’ in and around tents. From essential items that are sometimes mislaid to those that help to keep tents clean and tidy they are here to help tackle accidents and maintenance. Outwell is the one-stop shop for these outdoor essentials and all campers can be confident that they have the tools to handle the daily chores to make tent life comfortable, secure, safe and healthy. As well as such essentials and spares, they also meet the needs of campers who prefer to be self-contained by maintaining hygiene standards and taking their own portable toilet and related accessories. Fabric cleaners and proofers allow campers to tackle routine maintenance easily without fuss.