Over the years, Robens has developed an enviable reputation for combining design, technical features and quality materials to create reliable outdoor products that deliver genuine and enduring value for money. Attention to detail, supported by rigorous in-house an in-the-field testing, is born from Robens’ passion for the outdoor life. And, Robens wants to ensure all outdoor adventurers get the very best equipment at a sensible price to ensure their dreams turn to reality. This has been recognised by the media and through numerous awards. It has gained Robens a growing number of loyal customers who appreciate its dedication to creating practical and quality products.

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Invest in a Robens tent and you invest in unparalleled award-winning excellence, reliability and value. Each tent range features models answering subtly different requirements to provide everyone the best possible choice no matter their needs. Focussed designs made from carefully sourced and branded components coupled with its own tailored fabrics and tight quality control ensure performance when it counts – all stamped by stringent in-house wind and rain tests. Each tent carries an icon showing its wind rating. If you want a tent that provides critical features and performance when weight and packed size are key considerations for fast and/or light adventures, then we have a Robens tent for you. And, we have tents that provide four-season performance with just a small increase in weight and size penalty but with features that ensure comfort and stability to sit out more adverse weather conditions. There are general purpose Robens tents for softer adventures, for the new adventurer and for the budget conscious. All provide performance and quality balanced with sensible price tags that has special appeal to youth organisations.Families and groups are also serviced through larger technical tents perfect for base camp use and weeks away in comfort. Practical features and focus on safety ensure spacious stabile accommodation for longer holidays. The superlative polycotton Robens Outback range comprises exciting tents, tipis and tarps with a retro-style that reflects outdoor life inspired by those sepia pictures of early American pioneers. Perfect for those looking for performance basecamp tents that catch the eye, it has a growing appeal across diverse markets that include bushcraft and glamping.  

PREPARE FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE WITH A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP - Sleep comfort is essential to the success of any outdoor adventure and Robens has researched the shape of a sleeping bag and how it effects comfort and performance sees Robens sleeping bags benefit from refined profiles to facilitate a good night’s sleep.The profiles include: Technical Mummy for top performance while providing width where needed – at the feet and elbows; Standard Mummy for general all-round use; and Comfort and Trapez Mummy that place emphasis on overall room. These are matched with the best insulation, construction and features to ensure performance where it matters and to provide a choice of bags to suit needs. The insulation properties of every Robens sleeping bag is tested to the latest EN standard. Sleeping bags are complemented by a wide range of Robens self-inflating mats (SIMs) and airbeds that address different use, from ultralightweight to base camp. SIM construction techniques include cored foam to ease packing, reduce bulk and lower weight while maintaining insulation values. And, many Robens airbeds feature internal insulation for added comfort. Independent test facilities provide R-values so that comparisons can be made to aid purchasing decisions. Special attention has been paid to creating flat valves for fast inflation, deflation and fine-tuning firmness while reducing the profile.

RELAX IN COMFORT AFTER A HARD DAY’S ADVENTURE - Robens’ aim to improve on-the-trail comfort has expanded from humble lightweight stools into a huge range of practical, lightweight furniture that has found wide-ranging appeal with anyone looking to reduce bulk and weight. With the trend to smaller homes and vehicles, and the fact many leisure vehicles have smaller load carrying capabilities, Robens furniture is especially appreciated by those who want the full-on camping experience that would normally place high demands on storage and transportation space. Robens produces a wide range of products that include a choice of stools and chairs, tables, storage unit and camp bed. Such furniture places high reliance on sourcing quality technical materials and matching with suitable designs and manufacturing techniques to ensure longevity, comfort and safety – something in which Robens excels.

HOT FOOD RESTORES MIND AND BODY -There is nothing like a hot meal to restore energy levels and a hot drink can literally be a life saver. Therefore, we have added a choice of Robens gas burners, wood burning stoves, pots and pans, mugs, cutlery, bottles and so much more to our range. Choice materials include the use of premium lightweight metals, BPA-free plastics and silicones to create highly-functional products that, with fuel-efficient, wind-beating flame and heat exchange technology leading the way, provide everything you need to prepare, cook and serve up a tasty meal on the trail.

LET ROBENS LIGHT THE WAY - Robens head torches provide hands-free flood and focussed light for versatility in any situation. A wide choice of size and light output ensures an adventurer finds the right model to suit needs. All are made using quality materials and LEDs with useful model-dependent features including flashing modes and hands-free operation. Robens lanterns are the ideal solution for tent lighting and feature the same attention to detail as the head torches. Styles include compact fold-away versions to reduce packed size and retro looks for Outback style camping.

ACCESSORIES - Robens accessories complement the main technical products to offer useful items like walking poles, dry bags and critical items for tent maintenance and use. Walking poles are made from a choice of quality lightweight materials and feature a variety of ways to reduce packed size, ergonomic handles and more. Dry bags offer the best way to store clean clothes or separate wet, dirty gear from other equipment. Premium bags are cut to aid stacking and storage.

ROBENS, BUSHCRAFT AND LIFESTYLE - This bushcraft image extends into sleeping bags, furniture and cooking/dining equipment that complement the Outback tents and tipis for the full wilderness living experience. Much revolves around campfire life with fire lighting, food preparation, cooking and serving up covered by a full range of traditional products that, like the tents, benefit from modern manufacturing techniques and materials.